• CLEAN-Unlike gasoline augers, battery-powered augers produce no gas fumes and are quieter.
  • SMOOTH CUTTING - Centering ring evenly guides the cut of the auger through the ice, and allows you to precisely place your hole, making it the perfect choice to re-open frozen holes.
  • REVERSE- After drilling your hole, simply place the auger bottom below the ice shelf and hold the reverse toggle while drilling. Get fishing faster, and eliminate the chore of removing slush from the hole. Ideal for hard-sided fish houses.
  • INDUSTRY BEST WARRANTY-3-year warranty across all auger models covering not only the auger, but also the battery.
  • Fast-Quick assembly in 3 minutes.
  • Included SnapCap blade protector snaps on and off with ease.
  • Battery long term storage Tips
  • When not in use for more than one month, prepare it for  long-term storage. 
    1)Store your battery with 2 or 3 indicator lights of charge 
    2) Store batter in a cold dry place. 
    3) Avoid leaving the battery attached to the charger or powerhead for a prolonged period of time.

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THUNDERBAY Cyclone Li Auger (Ice Auger 10" Set, 18 Inch Extension)

  • $599.99